Thanksgiving Service

There is a special, but simple, service of thanksgiving, which is a lovely time when you can be with friends and family, ask for God’s blessing and pray for your baby. It’s different from a christening so read on to discover whether this is something to explore further with us at St Paul's.

In this Service we give thanks for your child and pray God’s blessing on them, by name, just like Jesus did in Mark 10:13-16, as well as welcoming all your family and friends to a proper Sunday Service. 
You can invite as many people as you want to the Service and we will gladly reserve seats for you.


The Vicar blesses your child by signing them with the cross on their forehead and using their full name followed by a prayer of blessing and then we all applaud your child. Photographs can be taken during the ceremony. Sponsors and parents are then given a Certificate and a Gospel. A record of all the details will be kept in a Register in the Church safe. There is no fee.

You can choose as many “Godparents” as you like (we call them “Sponsors”) and they will not be asked to make any Christian declarations - their only commitment is in supporting your family. You may also choose a favourite hymn. The Thanksgiving service will be part of our normal Family Worship on a Sunday morning. It starts at 10:30am and lasts about 90 mins. During the Service you and your child and the sponsors will be invited to join the Vicar at the front of the Church for the naming and thanksgiving ceremony.


Please feel free to visit one of our services before you make your decision. You can be sure of a warm welcome at any time. We hope that you will make St Paul’s your spiritual home and continue to join with us in your journey of faith.
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